Shipment calculations for all

We take pride in instilling trust by delivering unmatched shipment emission calculation precision and granularity – forming the bedrock of all your sustainability initiatives.


  • Easy to use subscription-based shipment emission calculator.

  • Accredited emissions calculations for all transportation modes - sea, road, rail, inland waterways and logistics sites.

  • Developed in accordance with the GLEC Framework and aligns with ISO requirements.

  • Proven unmatched emission calculation precision and granularity powered by our advanced algorithms and meta data.

95% accuracy

Calculate Basic

Get started effortelessly with accredited emission calculations. No setup fees or integrations, simply input your booking data and recieve instant shipment level emissions calculations.

99% accuracy

Calculate Plus

Available on Enterprise and ideal for processing data you already have, including real-time IoT data, for more precise and granular GHG emission calculations. We do all the hard work and fill in the gaps. 


  • Emission insights to inform Scope 3.

  • Seamless integration into the core of your operations - we do all the hard work.

  • Connect relevant data with emission data.

  • Identify areas of improvement and measure progress towards decarbonization.

  • Share emission data with customers and stakeholders.

  • Enable carbon credits.

Greensee Trust

Ensures trust through emissions calculations that are accredited by the esteemed Smart Freight Centre, following the GLEC Framework.

Our solutions undergo periodic quality reviews, and we continuously improve our algorithms quality and accuracy based on best practices.

Greensee Chain

Provides a transparent breakdown of the methodology employed to calculate emissions for each segment of the shipment.

This comprehensive methodology enables the solution to comply with ISO standards.