Risk-free decarbonization

Reduce delivers actionable and risk-free insights tailored specifically to your needs, for effective reduction in energy consumption and carbon footprint.

Operational Insights​

Navigate Efficiency, Reduce Emissions, and Optimize Your Fleet

Pinpoint and scrutinize emission hotspots specific to your operations with actionable insights.

Every aspect of your operation, from assets and cargo types to trade routes, presents its own set of challenges and inefficiencies. These can individually or collectively lead to substantial increases in both carbon footprint and energy consumption.

With Operational Insights, you have the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 20%, transforming the way you manage your environmental impact.


  • Identify and measure the energy impact of hot-loads and other energy inefficiencies specific to the operations of your refrigerated assets.
  • Proactively identify unusual energy patterns in refrigerated assets for predictive maintenance.
  • Understand how different refrigerated assets perform across trade routes and with cargo types.
  • Understand the optimal fleet composition of refrigerated assets by make and model.


Navigate sustainability with greener shipments and lower emissions

Exploring the most sustainable intermodal routes can be instrumental in mitigating the direct environmental impact of your shipments.

Maritime shipping emits 69% to 99% fewer emissions than other transportation modes, while rail and inland waterways emit roughly 80% less than trucks.

We assist you in transforming your routes into a game-changing sustainability strategy.


  • Understand the carbon footprint of your trade routes.

  • Understand and compare vendor carbon footprint.

  • Sets targets and explore trade route reduction strategies.

  • Offer more sustainable trade routes.


Embrace sustainability with risk-free fuel savings

Elevate your current voyage optimization solutions and practices by optimizing the energy usage impact, particularly within the cold chain.

Vessel fuels account for a significant part of your operating expenses, with refrigerated container power consumption disproportionately affecting overall fuel consumption.

Get risk-free and instant return on investment with our Voyage solution.


  • Saving potential between 2-7% of total ship fuel with a distance increase from sub 1% to 2%.

  • No need to onboard a new and independent solution and increase workload and complexity, we will integrate with already existing solutions.

  • Invest in a future-ready solution that adds addiotnal benefits to bio fuels and rising costs exposure of alternative fuels.


Elevate sustainability precision to unprecedented levels

Greensee is changing the industry with its advanced AI-powered mapping technology, backed by strategic alliances with prestigious organizations like the European Space Agency.

Our proprietary mapping database offers unmatched precision for a range of transportation modes. These tools empower our clients and partners to establish a robust foundation for their
environmental initiatives, ensuring greater confidence and measurable outcomes in their sustainability efforts.


  • All road, rail, and watereways mapped.
  • Over 1,000 maritime terminals meticulously mapped, sourced from the SMDG listing (
  • Extensive mapping covering all aspects, including dry container storage, reefer storage, quays, loading stations, and custom zones.
  • A repository of more than 100,000 polygons, where each polygon signifies a storage zone, quay, or truck/train loading zone.
  • Polygon accuracy consistently measuring below 0.5 meters, ensuring unparalleled precision in our data.