Unlock Sustainability: Your Path to Greener Shipping​

At Greensee, we empower shippers of any size with the flexibility to embrace more sustainable practices with trusted insights and actionable recommendations. ​

Why Choose Greensee?


Emission Calculations

Say goodbye to guesswork and take control of your sustainability with precise and granular emission calculations by transportation mode.

We equip you with unmatched accredited shipment emission calculations, facilitating trustworthy emission data to inform your customers and stakeholders.


Customized Decarbonization

Tackle your unique sustainability challenges and goals tailored to your needs. 

We provide you with insights and actionable recommendations to identify and select logistics partners and routes to meet both individual sustainability requirements and business sustainability goals.


Environmental Leadership

At Greensee we make sustainability available to shippers of any size by providing both the flexibility and support you need.  

With our user-friendly solutions we help your every step of the way to visualize the data or integrate effortlessly into the core of your operations.

Leverage our solutions to stand out and promote of your sustainable practices.

Win new business and increase customer retention by meeting the sustainability demands of your customers and stakeholders.

Sustainability for All

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Elevate your logistics services to new heights of sustainability and responsibility with Greensee. Take the first step toward eco-friendly logistics. Contact us today to learn more.